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Dwain Ray

Dwain Ray

Mount Pleasant, SC


Dwain Ray grew up in Southern California and was introduced to painting at an early age by his artist mother. He went on to an international business career that involved years of interesting foreign travel on a global basis, eventually focusing largely on China and the Far East. He and his family lived in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Brussels, Oregon, Tennessee, Pennsylvania and Connecticut. Since 1999 he has lived and painted in Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina. He studied art at the College of Charleston for several years and received additional training from a number of noted Lowcountry painters.

Dwain’s uninhibited love of color and the richness of oil painting media is consistently evident in his art. His paintings generally focus on Coastal South Carolina subject matter but also range into a variety of subjects that catch his fancy from time to time. Although he will often partially abstract or stylize his paintings, all of his work is representational. However, he enjoys making major departures from realism with unconventional and contemporary choices of colors, techniques and compositions. The artist leans towards impressionistic painting styles, often employing divisionistic brush strokes and pointillist color fabrication techniques. He seeks experimentation, risk, fun and adventure on every canvas and rejects pressures to treat art as a commodity. His work is frequently seen in Lowcountry juried art shows and is held in private collections across the country. His slogan is: "Adventures in Color"


White Ibises Flying Through by Dwain Ray


The Secret Place by Dwain Ray


Rockville Weekend by Dwain Ray


Up Hobcaw by Dwain Ray


Fresh Local Shrimp by Dwain Ray


Morning Traffic to Santa Barbara by Dwain Ray


Mt. Pleasant Sunset by Dwain Ray


Charleston Guitar Man 11x14 by Dwain Ray


Fishing On The Cooper by Dwain Ray


Egrets Watching Sun Set by Dwain Ray


Edisto Egret Hideaway by Dwain Ray


Wood Stork Discussion Group by Dwain Ray


Lavender Field Next to the Creek by Dwain Ray


Frogmore Boats by Dwain Ray


Eastlake Ducks by Dwain Ray


Family Expedition in Paris by Dwain Ray


Six Shrimp Boats in Off Season by Dwain Ray


Fishing on Island Lagoon by Dwain Ray


Sunset at Hunting Island by Dwain Ray


Fishing Near Frogmore by Dwain Ray


Shrimpin by Dwain Ray


Ragged Point California by Dwain Ray


Beaufort Anchorage by Dwain Ray


Sorting Shrimp at Frogmore by Dwain Ray


Buying Shrimp In Rockville by Dwain Ray


Society Street Afternoon by Dwain Ray


Frogmore Shrimp Birds by Dwain Ray


Free Cats ll by Dwain Ray


Divisionistic Shrimp Boats by Dwain Ray


Porch Pooch by Dwain Ray


Angel Oak Impression by Dwain Ray


Turn Right on King Street by Dwain Ray


Cruising Whole Foods by Dwain Ray


Parisian Family Expedition by Dwain Ray


Spring on the Marsh by Dwain Ray


Memere by Dwain Ray


Laughing Gulls at Watch by Dwain Ray


Lobster Stew by Dwain Ray


Shrimp Boat Sophia by Dwain Ray


Entering Stormy Charleston Harbor by Dwain Ray


Solemn Occasion by Dwain Ray


Skyfire on the Creek by Dwain Ray


Wood Stork Beach Party by Dwain Ray


Bowsprit Over the Ashley River by Dwain Ray


Pow by Dwain Ray



Pow Pow by Dwain Ray


Shem Creek Egret ll by Dwain Ray


von Woofalot String Quartet by Dwain Ray